Villas & Flats
at Calicut

You can Purchase Villas & Flats according to your plan at nearby places in calicut city. Making a living in this historic city of truth, is a dream of every Malabarrite. Without investing time and energy in constructing your dream residents, you can purchase villas & flats in an atmostfear of peace and tranqulity.

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Multi cultural designs

Since time immemorial, our land have trans national links in commerce, culture, art and architecture. We have the Persian, Sassanian, Arabian, Egyptian, Byzantine, Roman, Gothic, Victorian, Islamic and Colonial models apart from domestic varieties of Chola, Pandya, Hoysala, and also of Mauria, Gupta, Bhudha architectural lineages. These architectural styles and influences have been assimilated in our culture with our own local twists and tastes. With this cosmopolitan approach in designs, Arcade is a harbinger to show you a new wave in architecture and building construction.

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Environmental friendly

Renaissance architectural models mostly considered man rather their surroundings. In this approach when we plan to build a monument we do it by destroying the natural surroundings. This trend has been changed. Now new notion that human being is part of nature and building construction also came under this influence and vision. ‘Eco friendly’ is the slogan of the hour.

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Nuclear family and new house hold

Architecture for the last thirty years have been transformed immensely with changing moods and ideas on better living. The nuclear family concept accentuated this phenomenon since seventies. The concept of house holds with independent living spaces for a single family came into existence. The gulf episode of Kerala migration patterns, contributed to this, paving fundamentals for a nuclear family living, especially the concept of a middle class house hold.

Gulf money since 80s mostly invested in house building. The process of multiculturalism and globalized cultural economy are seemed providing artistic and aesthetic background to this movement. A lot of people from NRI sector and also governmental agencies pumped money in house building field resulting in construction of huge flats, conference halls, parking spaces, hotels, motels, restaurants, shops, malls and market places of different spacial modalities.

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Another aspect of modern architecture is using local material. Stone varieties of different geography could be found suitable use, and also new technological products like concrete and steal are been available for ample utilization in proper configuration and design.

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Tiny house

Tiny house concept is vogue in the field. Since a lot of government funds are attracted to build living spaces for marginalized communities and tribal people. we could help giving proper designs and supervising strategies to provide working class people a better living standard, coping up with the huge and vast living spaces of upper class and throbbing middle class.

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a new concern

Considering the milieu of our architectural expertise of yester years, we blend the traditional styles with modern technology and constructing a new space of living with abundant memories of our heritage and their inspiring motifs. We consider and satisfy different tastes and individual approaches in building monumental works of living spaces.

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